Women and especially schoolgirls in India face the daunting task of maintaining their sanitary health. This exposes economically weak women to a high risk of sanitation-related diseases and complications. The availability of menstrual hygiene products, which also includes disposable and reusable sanitary pads, is highly unstable even in the most developed cities and almost negligible in rural areas located far from prime supply centers. Considering all above challenges Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu Region is constantly working on spreading awareness about the use of sanitary pads and its free distribution.
Sh. Sat pal Sharma, Hony. Secretary, Indian Red Cross society with his team including Dr. Aasia Noor, Pharmacist and other official staff personally came forward for its distribution amongst the girls of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Khour which is near the border area to promote healthy lifestyle for them. Sat Pal Sharma aware the students about the activities of Red Cross, how it works and what it does. He also explained them about the 7 Principals of Red Cross on which the society functions. Dr. Aasia Noor along with Smt. Kanchan Devi, Sup. Pharmacist gave the basic knowledge about First-Aid to more than 500 female students there and also distributed Sanitary pads to female students and further Red Cross shall also put their sincere efforts to provide the same in far flung areas of Jammu Division where it’s access is bit limited and will try to involve more female staff for this distribution process so the students does not feel hesitant in accepting the supplies.

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