Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu Region organized a function in the meeting hall of the Red Cross Society, Red Cross Bhawan, Kachi Chawni, Jammu and handed over the Life Membership Certificates received from Indian Red Cross Society, National Head Quarters, New Delhi to the people who have enrolled themselves to become the Life Members of the Society by Sh. Sat Pal Sharma, Hony. Secretary, Jammu Region. Mr. Sharma has put in lots of personal efforts to bring these certificates from National Head Quarters which were awaited for long time. The event was organized for the first time where the Hony. Secretary briefed the members about the activities undertaken by IRCS Jammu during peace time and natural/ man made disaster and also asked certificate holders to spare their valuable time for the noble cause rendered by Red Cross Society. He also requested everyone to bring more people with them who should join this society so that more help can be provided on humanitarian grounds to the downtrodden people who are facing different hardships in their life.
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